Are Private Blog Networks Safe for Search Engine Optimization?

Are Private Blog Networks Safe for Search Engine Optimization?

Private Blog Networks are very popular today in the world of Search Engine Optimization and it has always been a debate whether they are safe in the industry. Before going into details about if Private Blog Networks are safe or not, it is important to explain what they really mean.

Private Blog Networks are a group of Blogs likely owned by one person or a group of people that offer backlink services to Clients. This could be called a chain blog network that provides backlinks to other websites for money. Sometimes, Private Blog Networks could be created to provide backlinks to one particular website within the network instead of using it to make money. However, it must be mentioned that building and managing Private Blog Networks can be difficult and expensive.

*Improved Domain Authority: Quality backlinks from

There is so much clamor for Backlinks today because Search Engines like Google use quality backlinks to rate websites. What this means is that the more a website gets quality backlinks from an authoritative website, the better its chances of ranking well on Google. Take note, emphasis on quality backlinks. The backlink must come from a website with higher domain authority and the linking content has to be relevant before it termed as a “Quality Backlink”. Below here are key advantages of quality Backlinks:

*Improved Domain Authority: Quality backlinks from a website of higher authority will improve the Domain Authority of the linked website. This invariably means that Google is being informed that the linked website can be trusted since it is getting a mention from a reputable website.

*Better Ranking on Google: Google gives

*Higher Web Traffic: Websites that have a high Domain Authority usually have a great number of website visitors. The traffic of a smaller blog will definitely increase dramatically if it gets a backlink from the bigger website so, this is another reason Private Blog Networks are sought-after.

*Better Ranking on Google: Google gives more credence to websites that have backlinks from reputable and reliable sources. This is one of the most coveted “assets” in Search Engine Optimization, hence the reason Private Blog Network services are still in existence today.

Are Private Blog Networks Safe for Search Engine Optimization?

Having highlighted how useful backlinks from Private Blog Networks can be, it is also important to mention the dangers. As mentioned earlier, if the ownership of a Private Blog Network can be traced to one source, this poses danger to any site that is linked to them. It is safe to say that Google does not like Private Blog Networks because they could have so much influence on website ranking. So, when Google senses that a Private Blog Network can be traced to one source, it penalizes the website and other linked sites. Sometimes, Google imposes a ban on such websites.

There is yet another danger in using Private Blog Networks; they could get you spam links instead of a genuine backlink. Google will also penalize a website linked to any spam network. Furthermore, the spam link will have no effect on the Search Engine optimization of the receiving website. Bearing these dangers in mind, could it be safe to use Private Blog Networks to tout for backlinks? Well, one factor needs to be considered. The Private Blog Network offering the service is very crucial in determining the safety of the service itself. If a Private Blog Network can be traced to one source or provides spam backlink then, of course, working with such a network is not safe. However, if a Private Blog Network offers quality backlinks that are relevant, it could just be the beginning of a proper Search Engine Optimization improvement.

It is therefore important to do proper research on whatever Private Blog Networks you intend to use for backlink services to ensure the safety of your website. Alternatively, you can make proper research on how to generate backlinks by yourself without depending on Private Blog Network. This will put the safety of your website right in your hands.

So when the question is being asked again, are Private Blog Networks safe? The answer is YES and NO depending on the Private Blog Network in question. A bad service from a mediocre Private Blog Network can get your website banned by Google while quality backlinks form a reliable Network can do wonders to your website’s optimization on Search Engines like Google.