Ranking factors for SEO

Ranking factors for SEO

SEO ranking refers to the positioning of the website from the results within the search engine. Search engines such as Yahoo and Bing display the outcomes of various webpages in a specific ranking depending on several factors.

The URLs

A highly accessible and reasonable URL for the PBN improves the ranking within the SEO since the Googlebot can easily comprehend the content. There should be easy recognition of the visuals and embeds on the page to enhance the page positioning within the web index.


Search engines require effective keywords that are relevant to the content for easier accessibility of the page. The author should, therefore, use the keyword density tool to get the top words after editing the content. Attaching the main terms to the meta keywords tag of the page enhances the optimization efforts. The main and the secondary keywords should be relevant to the content to satisfy the needs of the searcher.

Usage of compelling title tags and

Keywords within the text content of the page determine the connection with the searcher’s query since the Googles Spiders can easily recognize them. Therefore, usage of main words in the visuals and infographics formats lowers the ranking because Google cannot interpret them as the real content on the page.

Search Engine Results Page

There are web page records that provide the search results after making a particular query. The results depend on what the search engine predicts to be the answer since it aims at solving the problem of the searcher. Conducting SERP research is essential for SEO ranking, and therefore it is necessary to gauge the relationship of the content results from google and the searcher’s point of view.

Title tags

Usage of compelling title tags and meta descriptions is essential since they inspire the readers to click on the page hence promoting a higher ranking. Besides the URL, Google provides a featured snippet on top of the overall results during a search query. The display of the results determines the desire of the reader to click on it. It is, therefore, necessary to optimize the snippet from the keyword prospect since it affects the ranking.

Usage of rich snippets and schema

Content creator

The content should be thrilling to the readers and the google because the quality of the content is vital during the SEO ranking of the webpage. It should provide a solution to the queries of the searcher to enhance satisfaction hence attracting more readers to the site. The most creative and reasonable editor should take the editing responsibility to increase the ranking of the website.

Page speed

There should be an excellent experience due to the remarkable user interface and thrilling visuals after accessing the webpage. Easy and straight-forward completion of tasks without delays in any device encourages users to the site. HTTPS promotes security through verification of the page and the encryption of the URLs hence promoting trust from the users. Therefore, optimization of the speed and other features within the webpage increases the SEO ranking.

Usage of rich snippets and schema markup

Ranking factors for SEO

Even though the usage of rich snippets and schema markup in the content is a challenge, google news tends to provide images and visuals. An opportunity to get a featured bit promotes getting its image, which is crucial in the ranking. However, the availability of a chance to acquire rich snippets around flights or other verticals that the schema holds is an excellent deal since they facilitate a considerable boost in SEO ranking.

User experience (RankBrain)

Google uses artificial intelligence to position websites using signals like the rank-brain and bounce rate of the number of people visiting the site. A high bounce rate is a sign of dissatisfaction among the users and prompts a low ranking. Dwell time measures the time people stay at the site, and by sticking around, Google interprets the content as relevant to the user’s search. Therefore, optimization of the content descriptions and titles encourages more clicks leading to a higher ranking.


Links facilitate the creation of web pages, and Google uses inbound links to determine the content authoritativeness and relevancy hence essential as an SEO ranking indicator. An authoritative page and link to another page within the individual site enables visitors to find the new page and pass over the authority leading to a boost in the SEO ranking of other pages.