Strategies Of Improving The Seo Of Technology Blog


Blogging is one of the fastest growing innovations on internet today, as many entrepreneurs are seeing potential in having a blog to post their content. Today not getting enough traffic to your website is one of the top challenges facing bloggers. It is estimated that most of google pages get no traffics and there are millions of new pages that are created every day.

If you have just started blogging and you are getting google traffic then it means that you are going to get new visitors to your blog site. Some bloggers rely on word of mouth to get new visitors which could be one of the ways of growing traffic but it is slow.

How does search engine work? When people have a problem or a question, they usually go to google and type the key word of what they are for. Based on the keyword typed, google works in the real-time to bring you what you are looking for by searching billions of pages.

How do you improve the Search

Users will scan on the results that google brings and click on what they think will solve their problem. If nothing solves their problem then users tap on the next button to see other results in the next page. If it happens there is no relevant results found then they would change their keyword and ask google to show other results. All this explain that the further Google positions your blog the less traffic you are likely to get. This means that the first top ranked blog pages will likely to get almost 95% of all traffic while the bottom ranked will get zero traffic.

To improve general ranking of your blog then you have to improve the S.E.O of your blog. S.E.O is acronym which stands for search engine optimization which means getting aimed traffic to your website from a search engine’s organic ranking. In simple terms, search engine optimization is all about improving your site overall ranking in the organic section of the search results.

How do you improve the Search engine optimization for your blog? One method is making your blog based on one specific topic. Make sure that your blog talks about technology and this will make you do quality content and will attract more traffic. If you blog talks about other content which are not related to your main objective, make sure that those contents do not change the general objective of the blog.

Another method of improving search engine

Another strategy on how to improve search engine optimization is by using quality keywords. Always do your research to find out who is looking for keywords about the technology. Additionally, use keywords on page title, descriptions, blog categories and on the image titles because this will enable users to find the answers to their queries quickly. Lastly, target on using unique technology keywords that are appropriate and not using popular keywords dominated by ‘famous’ bloggers.

Link your blog pages to other internal pages that you have written in the past. This is important because users can refer to other content you have written that are related and useful and this in turn help grow loyal traffics.

Another method of improving search engine optimization of your blog is by removing anything that makes the site to load slow like large video. Many users hate site that takes too long regardless of whether they are using fast internet provider. User will always abandon those sites and move on to other excellent sites available. Additionally, Google always target to provide its users with excellent site loading experience and therefore, if competitor’s blog sites are faster in loading than yours then they will rank higher.

Strategies Of Improving The Seo Of Technology Blog

Additionally, link your technology blog site to other internal article with excellent content. Even though linking to other websites is regarded to be like ‘vote’ by google but it is important for your users. However, linking to other websites enables search engines to determine if your are trusted authority on your specific topic.

Another method of improving search engine optimization of your technology blog site is by updating your site. Technology world change each day and therefore, it is important to update your blog every day to keep up with new tends. This explains why blog sites with dynamic content rank higher in search engines than those with static content.

Create longer articles about your topic to improve search engine optimization. Users always like a blog that will solve their query at a go rather than find a blog that will solve half of their query and go to look for other content elsewhere. It is important to do extensive research on your topic and then create an outstanding content.

Finally, let other websites to link to you for this is important when it comes to search engine optimization. It is not easy to have blog sites to link to your website but one way of doing this is by creating excellent content. Alternative, you can ask other bloggers to allow you to guest blog on their sites for this will enable them to link to your site.